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How many times?


This sign is just behind my house, in Wales in the UK!   The writing in black is English.  The writing in blue is Welsh (just in case you thought English just got more complicated)! Do you think this is good English?  Let me know what you think.

Follow me! Why?

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Don’t be fooled by English!  Be one step ahead! Follow me on Facebook or Twitter to receive regular information about English!   On Saturdays you will receive your English phrase of the week which explains the origins of the phrases we use. On Mondays and Wednesdays you will receive your sound of the day where you can watch a shortRead the Rest…

Idioms: What do you mean?

The tradition 'Keep Calm and Carry On' has been changed to 'Keep Calm and Suck Eggs'

I found this link today which gives a  really good explanation of English ‘idioms’ and global idioms. As a native English speaker I don’t really notice the idioms I use on a daily basis.  It was only when I was in France and my sister was trying to explain to our French friends what, “to teach your grandmother to suck eggs“, means,Read the Rest…

Should English be taught as a global language?

Global English 2

Someone recently challenged me about ‘native’ English and what was wrong with different people having different accents when speaking English.  They said they thought this was the fun bit about interacting with non-native English speakers.  They had been looking at my website but completely missed the point and thought I was trying to rid students of their accents.  I haveRead the Rest…

For Boston and Texas. X

For Boston and Texas. X

I found this handmade, heart shaped kite on the beach today. Wishing that the thought and love that went into making the kite is blown through the skies to the people of Boston and Texas.

Happy Easter!


Wishing everyone a very happy Easter!

Schwa! What is this?


Schwa!  This is the most important and common sound in the English language!  To describe the sound in its most simplest form, it just sounds like ‘uh’!  To find out more how it fits in with words and how to use it I have included this video which may explain the schwa sound better.    



So, someone writes to you and at the end it says ‘P.S.’ What does that mean? PS stands for postscript. You can add an “after thought” right at the end below a letter. It is a statement added after the main body of the piece has been written. Here’s an audio of the Beatles ‘PS, I love you’.  Enjoy!  

How I teach. Or not?


Albert Einstein once said, ” I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”. This is the environment I attempt to provide for you and your English learning journey.

My new book!

2013-03-24 18.59.38

New book, recommended by my friend Laura in New Zealand.  I’m a native English speaker but there is still so much to learn about English!! Believe me, English speakers debate about what is ‘correct’ English all the time!!  I guess that debate is going to go on forever as language continues to evolve.   Apparently we all spoke the sameRead the Rest…